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Attention Snowmobilers!  Please stay on trails! 

A reminder that the groomer can be found on any trail at any time, please be attentive and obey speed limits.

December 29, 2018

We received a light snow on Wednesday night, which changed to a light rain/sleet Thursday morning.  This continued until it turned into light snow again late Thursday afternoon. This left us with about 2-3 inches of snow on top ice Friday morning. This is not the large snow cover we were hoping for to create a good trail base for the season.

One can see standing water in the road ditches, and we assume the trails through the marsh's or low lying areas are just as bad. With the forecasted freezing temperature for the next week, we hope these areas will firm up and with new snow, give us a good trail base.

We have made a new route on the Weber section of our trail, so be aware and watch for signage. 

As always, our biggest complaints deal with riders not staying on the trails.  If you are not on the trail, you are trespassing.  This may get the rider in trouble, but worse, the landowner can shut down our trails and then all of us have no trail to ride on.  So, your actions can impact the sport for all of us.

We are always looking for new members who love the sport and want to see it continue to grow in trail quality.  Come join us at our next meeting.


Cambridge West  through the airport - Closed

Cambridge South to Isanti Junction - Closed

Isanti Junction West to Isanti - Closed

Isanti Junction East to Weber and Stark - Closed  Be aware of an altered route on a section of this trail.


Ride Safe!

Current Weather Conditions
Please check the current weather conditions before you begin your ride, avoid riding in poor weather.  

Current Snow Depth
Click the link below to view snow depth maps for Minnesota (MnDNR) and the Midwest (Weather Underground).


Trail Maps
The 2013-2015 Rum River Snowmobile Trail maps are available for a minimal donation of $1.00 each.  Our maps are printed on heavy-duty, water-resistant, glossy paper to withstand years of use.  Maps are updated every two/three years and cover the counties of Anoka, Isanti and Mille Lacs.  Proceeds help to offset the cost of printing and distribution.

NEW  Clubs within the state have been posting #911 emergency signs at road crossings along their trails with quick references to location by street or sign location number. Emergency personnel can respond to your location more quickly with the use of this information.  

We would like to thank all the sponsors who have made donations towards the creation, updating and distribution of trail maps.  If you are interested in supporting our cause, please contact us.

Trail Maps are available at the following locations:

    Cambridge (55008)                                                
        Casey's General Store

        2290 Main Street South, Cambridge, MN
        Larson's Cycle
        205 Garfield Street South, Cambridge, MN
        Pine Brook Restaurant and Bar
        34041 MN Hwy 47, Cambridge, MN
        Cambridge BP Gas Station
        4000 Main St. S, Cambridge, MN

    Harris (55032)                                                        
        Full Moon Bar and Restaurant
        2425 Stark Road, Harris (Stark), MN

    Isanti (55040)                                                        
        Mobil Gas Station

        722 County Road 5, Isanti, MN
Northland Minnoco Gas Station
 501 County Road 5, Isanti, MN
        VFW Post 2735
        410 Railroad Avenue, Isanti, MN

    North Branch (55056)                                            
        Jumpin' Jacks Bar and Grill

        27796 Jodrell Street NE, North Branch (Weber), MN
        Tesoro Gas Station
        5563 Athens Trail, North Branch, MN

Trail Etiquette
Many snowmobile riders will come in contact with other groups sharing the same land, roadways, and trails.  It is important to practice common courtesy.